Mubarak Launches Limited Cabinet Reshuffle

President Mubarak has launched a limited cabinet reshuffle, appointing a new Minister of Justice, separating the Ministry of Planning from that of Local Government, and introducing another reshuffle among governors. The striking is that President Mubarak had earlier the other day said that he didn’t think of any ministerial reshuffle. Mubarak nominated President of Higher Constitutional Court Mamdouh Marie as Minister of Justice instead of Chief Justice Mahmoud Abullail. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Professor of Political Sciences Dr. Hassan Nafaa criticized this reshuffle and depicted it as unjustified and meaningless, saying that the cabinet reshuffle in Egypt only meets ambitions of the regime and its henchmen rather than reflecting the public aspirations.” For my part, I have no longer trusted any cabinet reshuffle, since what is needed now is an- all out change of the entire structure of the regime rather than cosmetic changes. Sources say that the outgoing Minister of Justice had earlier three weeks ago tendered his resignation to President Mubarak. These sources attributed this step on the part of the minister to the hue and cry which took place on the Egyptian political street after he issued a decision referring chief justices Mahmoud Makki and Hisham Bastawisi to disciplinary trial and the ensuing peaceful but anti government demonstrations which the state handled toughly and fiercely. It is noted that MPs from opposition and even from the ruling party have called for sacking Nazeef’s government for its responsibility for the so many problems suffered by the country due to lack of accountability and spread of corruption. Sources expected this step on the part of the President especially amid disasters befalling the country, the recent of which was the last week’s train crash.