• February 6, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Mubarak Sends MB Leaders To Military Tribunal!

Mubarak Sends MB Leaders To Military Tribunal!

In astonishing step that reflects the ruthless nature of the Egyptian regime; the Military ruler of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, ordered Khayrat el Shater, Second Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a number of its leaders to be tried by a military tribunal!

It is a sad day for freedom and human rights when patriotic civilians who did not commit any crimes are being tried in a military tribunal only because of their political views and for daring to oppose a corrupt government.

It is time now for President Bush to decide either to go with freedom and democracy as a principle claimed by his administration and lectured to the egyptians by Mrs. Rice, his Secretary of state, or to continue supporting despotic regimes by turning a blind eye to their oppressive actions. In either case the consequences are expected to go beyond Egypt leaving ample room for all extremists to reinforce their claims against democratic reformers who renounce violence like MB.

The Muslim Brotherhood members in Mubarak’s prisons are noble citizens and true reformers who are being targeted today by the powers given to the government through unjust emergency law which the president promised it will not used against political opponents