Mubarak to go to Tora Prison Hospital

Mubarak to go to Tora Prison Hospital

Prosecutor General Abdul Magid Mahmoud has called on the Interior Ministry to supervise over the Tora Prison Hospital ward that is to receive the ousted Mubarak after doctors alleged he was fit enough to move. The order follows an examination of the former president’s health to determine if he was fit to make the trip. 


He and his two sons Alaa and Gamal were ordered into custody for 15 days on April 13 while being investigated for corruption allegations and instigating shooting of protesters during the weeks of demonstrations against his rule.


On hearing the news Mubarak suffered heart problems and was hospitalized.


No date has been announced for his transfer however security measures are under way to receive the deposed president who stepped down on February 11 following mass demonstrations calling for reform.


Meanwhile Mubarak will be transferred from Sharm el Sheik Hospital to a Military hospital in Cairo.