• MB News
  • May 15, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Mubarak’s Top Advisor: MB Has Good Agenda

Osama Al-Baaz, President Mubarak’s political adviser said that the Muslim Brotherhood has a good chance to reach power and it has well-reputed members who can present good suggestions.
Al-Baaz added on Saturday in an interview on Dream satellite TV channel that his current post as a political adviser for the president is completely different from his post as president’s Chief of Staff which he left  after reaching the age of retirement. This interview came after a period of silence that accompanied Al Baz for long months in political, cultural and social forums.
Asked by Magdi Mehanna around Muslim Brotherhood’s chances to reach power, Osama Al Baz said the Muslim Brotherhood has a chance to reach power, but its problem is mixing between religion and politics; the problem here that religion is absolute and no one can speak in the name of Allah and his messenger, while others speak about relative things and it is impossible to combine both the absolute and relative and put them on an equal footing.
Ossama Al-Baaz added that the Muslim Brotherhood includes well-reputed leaders and members who have good suggestions. But they will rule a country that includes Christians who have the same rights and duties as theirs’ .
In his comment on Al Baz’s statement, engineer Mahmoud Amer, a Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian, told Ikhwanweb that religion and the politics are, according to the MB, inseparable.
Amer added that the Muslim Brotherhood has an full reform action plan based on an Islamic ground. The Islamic thought can eradicate all problems facing the society in all fields. This reformist plan can rescue the society.
Commenting on the issue of the Christians and their fate under MB rule, engineer Mahmoud Amer said that Islam gave Christians more than others. They have the same duties and rights without discrimination or sectarianism. This is our thought which derived from the Islamic sharia. Ans this our view towards our Christians fellow citizens. As for the National Democratic Party, it didn’t and won’t give any thing to women and Christians. He said also the tribute was a system which was applied in the past because the Christians didn’t enlist in the army and because of defending them. As for now, they are partners in this duty and there is no tribute on them. There has never been any sectarian incident that included a Muslim Brotherhood member.