• November 18, 2005
  • 4 minutes read

Mubark and el-Shreef Tear Apart the MB

Mubark and el-Shreef Tear Apart the MB

Mubark and el-Shreef Tear Apart the MB

By Ahmed Hassen Bakr

The National Democratic Party held a conference to support its nominees in Alexandria. The meeting, entitled ’new thought to enter the future, was attended by Gamal Mubark, the Sanctuary General of the NDP Policies Committee, and Safuat el-Shreef, the NDP Secretary General.


El-Shreef severely attacked the Moslem Brotherhood saying that the NDP will not admit the legality of any political power outside the framework of parties. In addition, the NDP rejects any religious slogans. "Without the electoral program of President Mubark, freedom and democracy are unattainable. It tends to abolish the emergency law and to find a substituting legislation," el-Shreef added.


El-Shreef termed the alleged contraventions, committed by the NDP nominees in the first phase of the parliamentary election, as incorrect, promoted by illegal powers. 


Hinting to the Moslem Brotherhood, el-Shreef said that the NDP disapproves any elements that would have a negative impact on the state security. In addition, he urged voters of Garble district to elect the Christian NDP candidate, Maher Khlah.


On his part, Gamal Mubark, who looked nervous, acknowledged that the NDP is, no more, the only dominant power in the political arena. The NDP aims to have the leading majority of the parliament to implement Mubark’s electoral program. Therefore, he called the NDP nominees for contracting directly with people reviewing the NDP achievements in Alexandria over the last five years.


As a part of election campaign, Gamal Mubark promised, within six years, to provide 4.5 million job opportunities, to duplicate employees’ salaries, to construct 3500 schools, to draft a new law on medical insurance. Furthermore, he vowed to supply, within five years, half a million housing apartments to income-limited citizens, and to prepare 25 billions to accomplish the swage ventures. 


Mubark remarked that the ruling system is unwilling to waste the political and economical achievements because some powers demand to adopt a different policy with foreign powers, alluding to the US.


Commenting on the success of the Moslem Brotherhood in the first phase of the parliamentary election, Mubark said that the NDP wins the majority of seats, of this stage. 


On the other side, Dr. Mofid Shehab, a minister, indicated that many bills, related to trade unions, are drafting. They are designed to prevent the domination of certain political power over the union elections. Moreover, there are other bills to establish economic courts; in addition to other draft laws pertaining to political reform. All these laws will be endorsed by the majority of the NDP.


The meeting was attended by 10.000 Alex. University students, some of them left after el-Shreef’s address. Plus, employees and worker were present.


All in all, the meeting was not fruitful; it does not enhance the popular support to the NDP candidates in Alex for the audience was not convinced as the meeting concentrated on Mubark’s electoral program.