Mufti of Palestine warns of massacre inside the Aqsa Mosque

Mufti of Palestine warns of massacre inside the Aqsa Mosque

The Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, has warned of an Israeli massacre in lines of Palestinian worshippers in the Aqsa Mosque.

He warned in a statement on Sunday of dire consequences in the event the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) maintained its “arbitrary practices against Islamic holy shrines topped by the Aqsa Mosque”.

Hussein held the IOA responsible for the lives of worshippers in the Aqsa, and appealed to the Arab and Islamic countries, the Arab League, OIC and Quds committee to immediately intervene to protect the lives of the worshippers and the holy site.

The IOA is besieging the Aqsa and blocking employees and worshippers from entering and is threatening to storm the holy site in the event the worshippers inside it refused to get out of it.

The Mosque has turned into a time bomb and the IOA was trying to empty it in order to facilitate the entry of Jewish fanatics into its plazas to perform their religious rituals.

For his part, Hamas MP Sheikh Hamed Al-Beitawi said that the ongoing aggression on the Aqsa was the latest in a series of desecration attempts.

He told the PIC on Sunday that the “Zionist enemy” was committing a crime when it blocked Palestinians from reaching the holy site.

Beitawi regretted that the Arab rulers, “who wrongfully call themselves Muslims”, are giving a deaf ear to what is going on in the Aqsa.