• August 27, 2013

Multilingual Website Devoted to R4BIA Sign Now Running

Multilingual Website Devoted to R4BIA Sign Now Running

The "R4BIA sign" has become the most rapidly spreading symbol across the globe in recent years.


It was born in Rabia al-Adawiya Square, now the focal point of the resistance against the military coup that occurred in Egypt on July 3, resulting in the military overthrow of elected president Mohamed Morsi.


The logo for the sign, featuring four black fingers on a yellow background, has achieved substantial visibility online. Millions across the Muslim world from Malaysia to Morocco have begun using it as an avatar image on their social media profiles.


Now the sign has its own website running, www.r4abia.com, which features information about how the sign was born and what it means.


The website, available in English, Arabic and Turkish, also contains photo and video content, including a clip showing the letter written by senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy to his late young daughter Asma, who was martyred in Rabia al-Adawiya after being shot while protesting the coup.


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had given a strong emotional response to a Turkish version of the clip by sheeding tears during a TV program aired last week.


The birth of the sign


The website greets its guests with a passage from its main article, titled "How did R4BIA emerge?” No explains the origin of the sign as follows: "The owners of this sign were martyred in Rabia al-Adawiya Square by the military coup that took place in Egypt on July 3, 2013.


"The Egyptian people, who wanted to reclaim their beliefs, freedoms, future and the votes they cast for the first elected president in Egypt, launched a collective resistance unprecedented in world history on 28 June in Rabia al-Adawiya Square.


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