Murad Ali: Opposition Violence Against Morsi-Supporters Most Alarming

Murad Ali: Opposition Violence Against Morsi-Supporters Most Alarming

During a telephone call to Nile News TV Channel, Dr. Murad Ali, media adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said the opposition’s brutal attacks on supporters of the president’s decrees around Itehadia Presidential Palace and elsewhere are quite alarming.

"If we allow every group of citizens to erect tents in front of state institutions, disrupting work and traffic in the Egyptian street, we would have total chaos, not a revolution.

"Some claim all Egyptians stand against the President and provoke riots across Egypt. We have the right to tell the world that a great many citizens want the elected President to persist to the constitutional end of his term in office, and prove that the President’s opponents are by no means the whole Egyptian people as they claim."

Ali further said that people – Morsi supporters and opponents – should express their views through the ballot-box, with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

"If the referendum result is ‘No’, the President will form a new constituent assembly that will begin writing a new constitution.

"If people vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum, the Constitution will be in force. Then, two months later, we should have new parliamentary elections. We will respect and accept whatever result the ballot-box will bring."