Mural commemorating Nakba revealed in Gaza

Mural commemorating Nakba revealed in Gaza

GAZA,  In the presence of Minister of Culture Dr. Osama al-Issawi,  the High Commission to Commemorate the 62nd Anniversary of the Nakba on Thursday unveiled a mural depicting the Nakba and the entrenched belief that return of refugees to their home towns is inevitable.

Fifteen artists participated in the painting of the mural on the northern wall of the Saraya government building in Gaza city.

For his part, Dr. Al-Issawi stressed “the importance of art [as a way of conveying] the message, and its role in reinforcing the steadfastness of the Palestinian people,” noting that the participation of artists with their paintbrushes and colors and the presentation of their paintings is an expression of loyalty to Palestinian tenets, especially the right of return. He also stressed that Palestinian generations shoulder the burden and dream of liberation and return, God willing.

In response to a reporter’s question that there is the argument which claims that the old will die and the young will forget; he said that the participation of young artists is a practical proof  of the failure of such a claim, adding that the occupation seeks to promote such ideas through the rumors the propagate here and there.

For his part, the artist responsible for coordinating work on the mural, Haitham Eid, said: “This mural expresses the resilience and defiance shown by the Palestinian people in the face of occupation, as well as the amount of suffering experienced by the Palestinian people, and affirms that the Palestinian people are sticking to their rights despite all plots against them,” .