• January 15, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Mursi: Brotherhood Ready To Establish Civil Political Party

Mursi: Brotherhood Ready To Establish Civil Political Party

Dr. Mohamed Mursi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has all the resources to establish a civil political party with an Islamic reference which will express the group"s vision for reform and solving the country"s problems.

He added that the current political atmosphere and the government"s tight control over forming new parties through the powerful Political Parties Commitee will definitely prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from forming its own political party anytime soon. 

Mursi stressed that the group is keen on political openess, pointing out that it plans to establish a political party and bypass the government controlled and unconstitutional Political Parties Committee
Mursi noted how the court rejected days ago establishing 12 new political parties although some of them have already been politically active for years even have members in Parliament as in the case of Al-Karama party! 

Mursi confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is based on legal foundations since it was established in 1928, and that the state of illegality imposed on the group since 1954 has been rejected by the people when they overwhelmingly voted for the Muslim Brotherhood during latest parliamentary elections.