• December 15, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Mursi Warns Recent Arrests Will Increase Political Tension

Mursi Warns Recent Arrests Will Increase Political Tension

Dr. Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood executive Bureau member, warned that the recent detentions may increase the distance between the Egyptian regime and the people.
Commenting on the arrest campaign that included more than 20 Muslim Brotherhood leaders topped by the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khayrat Al-Shater and 180 MB students, Dr. Mohamed Mursi, who was released only days ago – said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:" this campaign is a reaction to what was carried out in Al-Azhar University by some MB students, despite the group’s full condemnation to the students’ actions; he confirmed that the group issued several statements in which it denounced such actions.

Dr. Mursi added that the group denounces and rejects violence and “our attitude towards this issue is clear. we issued several statements in this regard, in which we rejected Al-Azhar students parade; we declared our condemnation and rejection to such actions that contradict with our principles and policy.

Dr. Mursi- a former chief of MB’s 2000 parliamentary bloc- pointed out that Al-Azhar University students did not carry out this parade except after they received threats from the security services that they will give thugs access to the campus like what happened in Ain Shams University and allow them to beat the students who are demonstrating in solidarity with their fellow students whom the university administration dismissed due to their participation in the elections of the free student union.

Mursi said that the arrest campaign is unjustified and totally rejected and will just increase the state of anger in the Egyptian political arena, adding that there are better means to face such incidents like opening a dialogue between the students and the university administration; the detention will never be an optimum solution for such crises and problems.