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  • September 14, 2009
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Muslim Americans unite in response to Obama’s call for change

Muslim Americans unite in response to Obama’s call for change

The 8th Anniversary of 9/11 saw American Muslims come together in co-operation by emphasizing the core teachings of Islam, not just in theory, but in practice.

A coalition of Muslims in America united in volunteering in an attempt to spread good will in commemoration of the September 11 attacks. This comes in response to President Obama’s calls for change and to help make the day a day of community serving.

 Dalia Mogahed, US President’s advisor on religious affairs and an American of Egyptian origin, asserted in a statement that "after 8 years of enduring religious racism the Muslims now are leading a movement to help others and serve the community." Activities of the Islamic organizations include providing health care to those with no health insurance, supplying books to the under funded, giving food to dozens of US cities and supporting of the building of new houses for refugees.

The coalition stressed that American-Muslim organizations volunteering over the course of the summer were able to carry out more than three thousand days of service in communities across US.

 Mogahed added that "it was Islam’s core teachings of affirming faith with good deeds that formed the heart of this call to action and the Muslim American’s positive response is the true embodiment of the president’s call."

The coalition stressed that 93 percent of the programs carried out by Islamic organizations have been completed in cooperation with organizations of other faiths.