• August 8, 2006

Muslim and Christian clergymen rally against IOF brutality in Gaza and Lebanon

Muslim and Christian clergymen in the occupied city of Jerusalem on Monday organized a protest rally in condemnation of the IOF troops’ brutality in Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

The rally started from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the city and ended at the Aqsa Mosque’s Asbat gate.

A number of Muslim figures, including Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, head of the higher Islamic authority in Jerusalem, and the well-known Christian Orthodox figure Archimandrite Attalla Hanna, spokesman of the Roman Orthodox Church in Palestine took part in the march.

The participants, in one voice, demanded the immediate halt of the Israeli aggressions on Lebanon and Palestine, and urged Israel to heed calls for prisoners’ swap.

Angry rallies condemning the war on Gaza and Lebanon continued across the world’s capitals as hundreds of thousands of enraged demonstrators broke into streets in Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, Britain, Bahrain, and Sweden among other countries as they deprecated the American and British governments for not heeding world clamor to stop the war.

Anti-riot troops in Egypt prevented tens of thousands of demonstrators from moving out of the Azhar Mosque to express their feelings.

In Saudi Arabia, police forcibly dispersed an angry rally held in the eastern city of Kateef as demonstrators were infuriated with events in Palestine and Lebanon clashed with police there. Some arrests were made among the protestors’ ranks.

In Qalqilia city, Hamas Movement organized massive demonstrations in commemoration of the two great leaders of the Movement Jamal Mansour and Jamal Saleem, and in support of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistances as well.