Muslim and Christian figures in J’lem warn of grave Israeli moves against Aqsa

Muslim and Christian figures in J’lem warn of grave Israeli moves against Aqsa

 OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,  — The high Islamic council, the council of Awqaf and Islamic affairs, heads of churches and Christian and Muslim figures warned Monday of serious Israeli intentions to impose a fait accompli at the Aqsa Mosque and give part of it to Jews.

During an emergency meeting held in the old city of occupied Jerusalem, the attendees added that such serious move against the Aqsa Mosque would raise the ire of the Muslim world and cause an international crisis.

The meeting discussed the Israeli decisions to prevent a number of Palestinian scholars, preachers and national figures from entering the Aqsa Mosque and impose a ban on reciting adhan in mosques of Jerusalem and the 1948 occupied lands.

In a joint statement issued at the end of the meeting, the attendees affirmed that these decisions were illegal and they would not deal with them.

Their statement emphasized the importance of the Aqsa Mosque in the Muslim faith, adding that the Mosque and all its premises belong to Muslims.

The statement also said that preventing Muslim worshipers from entering the holy Mosque is an assault on freedom of worship and a serious violation of human rights.

The statement appealed to the governments of Jordan, Turkey and Egypt, the king of Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, the organization of the Islamic conference, the UN secretary-general and all lovers of justice to urgently and seriously intervene to stop the Israeli arbitrary measures against the Aqsa Mosque and its people.