• MB News
  • September 4, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brother in Custody Despite Release Warrant

Muslim Brother in Custody Despite Release Warrant

Muslim Brotherhood member Wael Mohamed is still kept in custody at the State Security headquarters in the Cairo Lazoghly square despite a release warrant he obtained from the state security prosecution on August 19, 2008.  This means he has been in custody for 16 days.


Mohamed was arrested last April 14 and presented to the prosecution on May 26 where he was held for 43 days. Meanwhile he received an arrest warrant and on June 3 he filed a plea to the Interior Ministry to release him, which was accepted.


Mohamed was then released on July 8. However, he was referred to the Prosecution after release, and was accused of “joining an outlawed group that seeks to overthrow the regime and violate the personal liberty of citizens.” The Prosecution ordered him detained for 15 days, after which he was presented once again to the prosecution that renewed his detention till today, Thursday September 4, 2008.


The Prosecution ordered the release of Mohamed on August 19 after more than five months in custody, but the order hasn’t been executed yet.