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  • April 30, 2018
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman: Why the Arab Summit Failed Before It Began

Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman: Why the Arab Summit Failed Before It Began

 Ibrahim Monir, deputy Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman, criticized the Arab summit held in the city of Dhahran in Saudi Arabia on April 15th, saying that it has "clearly failed in view of the insistence on the siege on Qatar, ignoring crucial issues, and the formulation of the summit’s final statement before it has convened," He said.

In an interview with "Arabi21", Monir said that "the current state of Arab affairs do not allow a real summit to be held, and no serious resolutions can be expected when its final statement is written before the summit was held” 


Monir added that "the agenda of the Arab summit and its final statement was devoid of crucial issues that should have been addressed, and given sufficient time for discussions; which did not take place."

One of these issues that the Arab summit ignored, according to Mr. Monir, was the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia as well as the crises in the Sahara" pointing out that "one major task of the Arab League is to mediate for resolutions of disputes that arise among its member states."


"The summit’s failure was evident one day before it convened when the delegates of the member states that besiege another Arab country (Qatar), in violation of Qatar’s sovereignty and independence, met and declared the continuation of the blockade, which began on June 5, 2017, until the State of Qatar gives in to their demands".

Monir raised a question of whether the summit location was chosen deliberately "to force Qatar’s delegation to take another route to Dhahran since they couldn’t get to their destination directly from Doha due to the blockade.Or perhaps to avoid the Houthi’s ballistic missiles heading to the Saudi Capital, Riyadh, where the meeting was to take place” he questioned


Monir also pointed out that "the agendas of the Arab summits does not include any review of the Arab Economic Council’s work, about which nobody had heard anything, while hundreds of billions of dollars evaporate to buy weapons to ensure regimes’ security against the legitimate and legal demands of the peoples and their rights to their wealth"

On the announcement that the 29th summit is entitled Al Quds, Monir added: "No one expected anything from such summit except for expressions of rejection, condemnation, and promises of financial support that evaporate at the end of each summit".