Muslim Brotherhood’s Greetings on Eid Al Adha

Muslim Brotherhood’s Greetings on Eid Al Adha

With the takbir of the pilgrims on the day of ‘Arafa, the best day of the year, and with the breeze of Eid Al Adha, the feast of sacrifice and redemption, and the perfection of obedience and submission to Allah (SWT), the Muslim Brotherhood extends its sincere congratulations on Eid Al Adha to the Muslim Ummah in the east and west and to all those who face injustice and oppression and campaigns of repression in the entire Muslim World, and to all those fighting for the liberation of their homelands and for achieving dignity and freedom for their people.

The Muslim Brotherhood also extends its sincere congratulations to its eminent and steadfast Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, and all his brothers, foremost among them the symbol of steadfastness and perseverance, the legitimate President of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and all our steadfast Egyptians behind the tyrants’ bars.

The Muslim Brotherhood also extends its sincere Eid greetings to families’ of the martyrs and the wounded of our nation who sacrificed their souls and blood for the freedom of their country, and its liberation from injustice and deprivation, and to all free people who were unlawfully driven out of their homes and displaced from their country for their rejection of the oppressor and their insistence on the freedom of their country.

We ask Allah (SWT) to grant victory and empowerment for the Ummah so as to restore its former glory, remove injustice and oppressors from its peoples’ lives and enjoy security, peace, unity and prosperity.

Muslim Brotherhood
Monday, 9 Dhul Hijjah 1439 AH, August 20, 2018