• MB News
  • March 14, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood’s Media Spokesman Montaser: Revolution Will Not Recognize Egypt Sell-Out

Muslim Brotherhood’s Media Spokesman Montaser: Revolution Will Not Recognize Egypt Sell-Out

 The murderer Al-Sisi adds a new failure to his long record, with a failed so-called economic conference which is more about selling out Egypt at auction, in order to please his masters who supported the treacherous military coup, having allowed foreigners to take possession of Egyptian land.

Today (Friday), this play was attended by 89 countries, of which 59 are poorer than Egypt, which the military coup has led astray, squandered its resources and impoverished its people. Indeed, 10 of these countries are among the poorest in the world. So, what could we expect from such a failure as Al-Sisi, whose circle of failure has widened and extended to cover all affairs at all levels?

Al-Sisi has failed to achieve security for Egypt. He only deals death with live bullets to peaceful protesters. He has failed to resolve the raging crises faced by citizens daily. He has failed on the economic front, abolishing subsidies thus impoverishing the needy more than ever. Today, he holds this conference in the hope of beautifying the horrid face of his murderous regime; but sings of his conference’s failure were clear to all.

Those who attended the conference did not come to support Egypt, but – as they announced openly – to help and protect "Israel" and its security. Supporters of the coup have offered some $12 billion of new funds. Of that, 50% are in the form of deposits bound to increase Egypt’s economic crisis and to allow foreign states to consolidate their control over this brutal coup regime. The question everyone is now asking is: are these new funds going to vanish just like the $30 billion already received by the murderous Al-Sisi and his corrupt cronies?

The murderer Al-Sisi has changed the Egyptian army’s mission from protecting Egypt’s security from external foreign attacks to protecting the killing machine and the military gang that plundered Egypt’s wealth and is now begging in the name of the Egyptian people, thus damaging Egypt’s name, reputation and dignity.

To all those who attended this so-called conference and tried to take from Egypt’s wealth and resources, we say: we assure you clearly – without a doubt – that the Egyptian Revolution does not recognize any agreement signed with the murderous military coup government and that the state is not bound by any agreement with the illegitimate regime that seized power by force of arms and held the legitimate President captive.

To the patriotic Egyptian people, we say: Egypt will not enjoy progress or prosperity until and unless we oust this traitor and his gang that killed innocent citizens and robbed the homeland’s resources, including the Gulf funds they stole. We will march along with you on the path of democratic transformation until Egypt is freed from this military occupation that impoverished its people, and until Egypt is as prosperous as all Egyptians aspire for it to be.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman