Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Terrorism Designation by Saudi Arabia

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Terrorism Designation by Saudi Arabia

Press Release

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Statement about inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist organisations by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior


The Muslim Brotherhood was surprised at the press release by the ministry of interior in Saudi Arabia, in which it adds the Muslim Brotherhood to the list of – what it calls – terrorist groups. The Muslim Brotherhood was distressed that this action comes from Saudi Arabia, since Saudi Arabia was one of the first to experience the Muslim Brotherhood’s positive stance towards preserving the interests of people, unity of nations, contributing effectively towards the building of communities and homelands, dissemination of correct Islamic ideologies, and what the group has suffered for the sake of this cause. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood would like to stress the following points:

1- In the light of the solid principles of the Muslim Brotherhood regarding intervention in other countries’ affairs, we would like to assure that this new stance by Saudia Arabia contradicts entirely with its historical relations with the Muslim Brotherhood ever since the time of the founder king until now.

2- History has proven that the Muslim Brotherhood has always been a pioneer when it comes to spreading correct Islamic ideologies that are free from extremism, and this is what a lot of trustworthy scholars from within Saudi Arabia have testified for. And everyone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia knows that the Muslim Brotherhood, as ever, say with loud and clear voices whatever they believe is right and this is always based on the Quran and Sunnah of prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings upon him).

3- The Muslim Brotherhood’s stance in dealing with political authorities in other countries and in the Muslim World is based on its clear ideologies: the core of which is that our societies and communities are Muslims, and that the relationship between the people and the political parties – including the ruling party – is that of an adviser rather than an accuser of infidelity or betrayal. The Muslim Brotherhood does not view the state as an infidel or a rebound state, which means the Brotherhood takes no stance of enmity or confrontation with the state, but – rather – acts as an adviser or a guider.

4- Everyone in the Kingdom knows perfectly well that the Muslim Brotherhood always says out loud that the true basis of their call and their activity, is based on and derived from the Book of Allah (the Holy Quran) and the traditions of His Messenger, peace be upon him, (Sunnah). Therefore, the Brotherhood’s approach is based on true, authentic scriptures and sound reasoning.

The Muslim Brotherhood also cooperates with all nations politically in order to achieve common goals, such as having a dignified and free life. It also forms ties with various powers and patriotic personalities of different religious, political, ethnic and sectarian views in order to achieve these common goals.

We emphasize that we do not consider ourselves sole representatives of Islam. Rather, we present our projects and ideologies to the people, and we conduct dialogues with all ideological, social, political and religious groups.

The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to advise and constructively oppose all wrong that is not in the interests of the people and the nation. Moreover, our political and constructive stances – within a community – and our struggle on the path of the peoples’ interests is not purely for the sake of opposition.

The Muslim Brotherhood London Press Office