Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Reiterating Full Rejection of Upcoming “Presidential Elections” in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Reiterating Full Rejection of Upcoming “Presidential Elections” in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms its unwavering position rejecting the military coup and any illegal measures taken by its authority, including the farce of the "presidential elections", which is an attempt to gain legitimacy that it has chasing and will never attain.

In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood declares:

1. Our position has always been and will remain steadfast in respecting the will of the Egyptian people expressed in free and democratic elections that whole world has recognized its integrity and transparency and resulted in the election of the first freely elected civilian president: the steadfast and legitimate President Dr. Mohamed Morsi.

We affirm that this position comes in respect of the will and dignity of the Egyptian people and in accordance with the democratic principles approved by the civilized world, regardless of some countries’ double standards in their position and their bias in support of the military coup and its authority.

2. Our respect for the will and dignity of the Egyptian people necessitates the disapproval and denial of any action that undermines the rights of Egyptians, replaces free voting with the whip or tanks, or attempts to whiten the coup’s face mutilated by its crimes and violations, which are not subject to statute of limitations.

3 – The repercussions of this farce pose a great danger to all institutions of the Egyptian state, for which we emphasize our concern for its integrity, stability, and cohesion. This has ultimate priority that surpasses any electoral or political gains.

4. In addition to the above, complacency about the farce elections means that Egypt  will remain under the military rule as well as its catastrophic repercussions with respect to other countries in the region due to the policies of the coup that led to the destruction of the country, impoverishment of the people, and squandering Egypt’s territorial integrity and historical rights in its water resources. The military coup has overtly become an ally of nation’s enemies in the so-called "deal of the century" and shamefully imports natural gas from the enemy.

5. In addition to threatening Egypt’s future, participating in any "farce" of the military coup is deemed a betrayal of the martyrs and steadfast women and men detainees in the tyrants’ prisons who have been enduring great harm by the fascist apparatus, which cannot be tolerated by any human-being. This ‘election’ is another means of destroying the country’s unity whereas we are today in dire need for national alignment, and cohesion.

The Muslim Brotherhood salutes the steadfast President Mohamed Morsi, the heroes behind the wall of the tyrants’ prisons, honorable activists protesting on the streets , the great people of Egypt, and all free forces that consider boycotting the election ‘farce’ as a national struggle. And we renew our call to all spectrums  of Egyptian society to unite to salvage the homeland from this fascist coup, reject any practices of the military coup gang regardless of their names until the true face of the military coup gang becomes clear and their evil is removed. 

Long live free Egypt for all Egyptians.

Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday, 16 Jumada II 1439 AH, March 4, 2018