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  • August 5, 2007
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Muslim Brotherhood, Contemporary Islamic Parties

Muslim Brotherhood, Contemporary Islamic Parties

This fact has been tested in the course of history and on the ground. This method adopted by the MB creates a state of stability, satisfaction and a sense of security and freedom for all citizens and institutions across the political and social spectrums. Carrying out its main role of guiding the society and its components, the MB targets forming the Muslim individual, the Muslim family and the Muslim nation. It stresses that the truly Muslim individual is a true foundation of a good citizen. The MB realizes that the truly Muslim family is the main foundation of a truly virtuous society, and knows that the truly Muslim nation, when formed, can, God willing, establish justice in rule so as not to get astray and does not suffer (But when there come unto you from Me a guidance, then whoso followeth My guidance, he will not go astray nor come to grief. But he who turneth away from remembrance of Me, his will be a narrow life, and I shall bring him blind to the assembly on the Day of Resurrection.), Taha (123 : 124). Hence, the group is carrying out its duty and shows the nation the Islamic moderate method so that it achieves these targets and purposes and form the Islamic state that applies Islam in all its affairs and in all aspects of life. If people accept this, they will attain power and domination. If they reject, Allah doesn”t need their slaves, although he, Glory be to Him, will forgive them if they repent and do virtuous deeds and advised each other on rightness and patience.

 Conversely, the Muslim Brotherhood group directs its message, methods and movement to the nation. We call on people, including government, to adopt Islam. Freedom is an Islamic duty. We believe that Islam is Allah”s true religion for all people. It is neither owned nor mobilized by any person or group. Allah sent Mohamed. peace be upon him, to all mankind with mercy. (We sent thee not save as a mercy for the peoples) The Prophets (107). Our mission is to show people the right and full Islam. (This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you as religion al-Islam.) Al-Maeda, the table (3). We believe also that the nation is the source of authorities and it, the nation, the only party having the right to elect its presidents, MPs and delegates. We follow the viewpoint of the nation even if it is against our viewpoints unless it is at odds with any tenets of the Sharia (Islamic law) and as long as the nation has exercised its right oe choosing with full freedom and without any pressure, intimidation or persecution from any group or government.

The Muslim Brotherhood and a Political Party

Amid the current debates about the role of parties in society and the relation of the Islamic parties in particular with the groups that spawned them to reflect their methods and sources of authority, many people are currently suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood group should form a party like other parties, so as to reflect its views and cooperates with it in doing the group”s popular, social and political services and other fields and activities, including educating the youth on the true tenets of Islam, preaching and guidance for all sections of the society, charities, societies, clubs, human rights centers, relief agencies, all civil society institutions and NGOs.

The Muslim Brotherhood”s attitude towards this is clear. It has previously declared that it doesn”t mind forming a party to be of the group”s several wings for its many activities. However, the group doesn”t want from this party to be a means for conflicting over the executive authority in the first place. It aims primarily at making it a pot that can carry the call in the various fields of public work to form a nation that bears its message. The Muslim Brotherhood sees that submitting a request for a a party license is currently useless. This is because the regime is exercising all kinds of aggression and violence against its people, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and it will not allow such a party to see light. Also, the Muslim Brotherhood will not unilaterally declare the formation of a party. However, the group”s reformist program that aims at reforming the nation is under preparation to be an effective instrument through the party to found a Muslim society and a fair nation.

 Consequently, the public work, including the political action, exercised by the Muslim Brotherhood doesn”t deviate in its targets and means ” and it should not deviate” from main Islamic constants and tenets. The Muslim Brotherhood can not, for tactical reasons, ignore or give a blind eye to any part of the integrated work system under claims of making ruling regimes, the West or Zionists accept the Muslim Brotherhood. If this happens, this means you are talking about an entity other than the Muslim Brotherhood group.

The MB Attitude towards Political Rise of Some Parties in Islamic World

While seeking a Muslim society that spawns a government that reflects the truly Muslim nation that rules according to orders of Allah, the Muslim Brotherhood is well aware that the road towards this is full of obstacles and requires huge efforts because the targets are great. (The decision rests with Allah only, Who hath commanded you that ye worship none save Him. This is the right religion, but most men know not. ) Youssef (40). When an Islamic party manages to assume power in any Islamic country, like the recent election win of Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the Turkey, this win pleases us out of the general sense of brotherhood, and for the spread of freedom and the domination of justice in such countries. However, conducting a comparison between the success of any party in any of those countries and the status and method of the Muslim Brotherhood is actually wrong and unfair division. This is because we can”t compare between the success of two movements which have clear differences in origins, constants and goals, ends, means and even mechanisms.

The Egyptian Case compared with Turkish Case

The Muslim Brotherhood group hasn”t changed and won”t change its principles: The full Islamic method is the end of our work, and the success we seek is when when it is applied and carried out in all aspects of life among all individuals, groups, societies, institutions and the regime.

The Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) declares its approval and satisfaction with secularism of the country according to the well known Western concept. This differs from our great main target of founding an Islamic state for Muslims, not a theocratic state. Thus, people should be aware of the current differences between the Egyptian country, in which the Muslim Brotherhood is living, whose constitution stipulates that the official religion is Islam and that the tenets of the Islamic Sharia (law) are the main source of legislation. This confirms that Egypt is a Muslim country whose Islamism can”t be changed or distorted because it is the identity of the nation as much as its history and present are concerned. whereas the Justice and Development Party is a one of the political components of the Turkish country with its current constitution after the fall of the Islamic caliphate and ascension of nationalism and Ataturkism. This Turkish current constitution stipulates that the country is secularist and west-oriented, with its persistent attempts to be a part of Europe despite the clear difference between the Muslim Turkish people and the secularist European people in thought and behaviour. This difference extends also to the system of values dominating over both parties. Truth and justice dominate over the system of Islamic values while these are absent in the Western system of values.

Whereby, it is clear that any one who wants to describe his movement or party as Islamic, Islam should be the only factor to determine this as much as its method, application, behaviour, goals and ends  are concerned. Otherwise, it is upt to the named, not names, to decide identities. Every one should know that the right Islam will, with its right method, outlive other incorrect methods. (Then, as for the foam, it passeth away as scum upon the banks, while, as for that which is of use to mankind, it remaineth in the earth. Thus Allah coineth the similitudes.) the Thunder ( 17 ) .

* A member of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Executive Bureau