Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Presidential Elections

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Presidential Elections

After the great revolution has watered the tree of liberty in Egypt with the pure blood of honorable martyrs, and just hours before another major step that should determine the future of our nation by choosing the first President of the Republic to be put in office by the will of the people in free and fair elections, we address this statement to you, confident in your awareness, patriotism and sincere desire to elevate and advance your nation.

– Casting your electoral ballot is a national duty, even an Islamic responsibility you are entrusted with..

– Choosing the person most qualified for office is of paramount importance “Truly, the best of men to employ is the strong and trustworthy” (Quran 28:26).

– The nation is in dire need of a comprehensive rejuvenation project, and our candidate, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, has Nahda project for a real renaissance of Egypt, based on two pillars:

First: It is based on the Egyptian citizen as the builder of the renaissance and the first beneficiary of it, in accordance with clear Islamic reference that creates the good individual who has a deep and moral conscience and a sense of patriotism and believes in the rights and freedoms and principles of justice. That kind of citizen can indeed help implement Nahda Project.

Second: This project is also based on the promotion of education, scientific research, industry, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, etc. It is the sum of experiences of hundreds of scientists and scholars from the Muslim Brotherhood as well as other Egyptians. It also is the sum of the experiences of more than twenty countries that have achieved significant rejuvenation success.

– Members of the Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) fully support their candidate, Dr. Mohamed Morsi. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood has hundreds of thousands of members across the homeland who will do their utmost for the success of Nahda Project.

– Furthermore, the character of the candidate does matter. Our candidate boasts great parliamentary, partisan and political experiences extending back for decades. Amongst many positions he held, he was a university professor teaching in an American university, and has gained experience from living and working in several countries.

– We seek to provide and safeguard security throughout the country.

– We seek to cleanse the country of the remnants of the former regime and to cleanse all state facilities and institutions of corruption.

– We endeavor to employ the right person in the right place, based on his or her competence, qualifications and abilities.

– We seek to achieve equality among citizens.

– We strive to provide a decent standard of living for all people.

– We are working to recover the people’s money and wealth looted by the former president and his chums and cronies, and to use that in the service of people and to increase production.

– We learn from previous experiences and others’ mistakes. We recognize that the people have suffered tremendously at the hands of corrupt officials of the former regime.

We know that stability and rejuvenation of the homeland cannot be entrusted to persons associated with the corrupt former regime.

Hence, it is the duty of the whole nation to stand firmly in the face of attempts to replicate the old system of governance.

 This must be done by protecting the election against any attempts of fraud aimed at hijacking the people’s revolution, stifling their State ambitions, and dragging the people and the homeland back into poverty, ignorance, unemployment and sickness.

Such fraud attempts may well include bribing people to buy their votes, and pressuring or threatening their business, financial or career interests. We must prove to everyone that Egyptians do not sell their freedom or their conscience no matter what the price and do not yield to pressure or intimidation.

For all that, we urge you to elect the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party Dr. Mohamed Morsi…

The Muslim Brotherhood  & The Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: May 16, 2012