Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party: We Seek National Unity to Save Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party: We Seek National Unity to Save Revolution


Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, MP and member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), affirmed that the rise of an old guard hangover is impossible.

“The Egyptian people erupted in the Jaunary 25 revolution to eliminate the corrupt, repressive system of governance and its followers. There is no way former regime holdovers can win.”

Beltagy added that the will of the Egyptian people achieved a significant victory when the presidential election was held on schedule, despite dubious maneuvers to postpone or cancel it.

"The whole world is following, moment by moment, the Egyptian elections, of which the first stage has been completed thanks to the transparency imposed by the elected Parliament through electoral-process law amendments. Those law modifications overcame attempts to rig the elections."

Moreover, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, member of the FJP’s National Committee, said: "We call on all political and revolutionary forces and stakeholders to unite and overcome their differences to fight a decisive battle in the run-off election, to stand against counter-revolutionary forces who want to restore the Mubarak regime, once again".

Further, Dr. Helmi Gazzar, FJP parliamentarian, assured that: "Dr. Morsi, once elected president, will be a leader for all Egyptians and not the FJP chief. He will certainly be unbiased against any faction, party or movement".

He also said that those who make unfounded claims and accusations against the Muslim Brotherhood should first see them in action, on the ground, and then evaluate their performance after that.

"In spite of being the majority, we do not seek to control anything. We will certainly cooperate with everyone in the formation of a coalition government, without excluding any faction or party."