Muslim Brotherhood, Political Party Reach Out To Egyptians In Ramadan

Muslim Brotherhood, Political Party Reach Out To Egyptians In Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is witnessing extensive community outreach activities by both the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party, which include much more than the group’s Ramadan banquets.  

MB activities include seminars, recitals, salon discussions, performances and sport tournaments open to the public in an effort to interact with the community in all fields.

Thousands of ceremonies were held nationwide honoring outstanding students and gifts were presented acknowledging the students achievements.

Other activities included fetes which held stalls selling food commodities at reduced prices to meet the high cost of living.
Medical and veterinary convoys were also set up by the group to help those in need and over 22 surgeries were performed, another 17 were scheduled and more than 1300 patients were treated.

Friendly soccer matches and sport competitions are also organized.

In Alexandria, the FJP organized a tournament in collaboration with renowned soccer players including Mohamed Abu Treka, Captain Hady Khashaba, Hazem Emam and Captain Nader elSayed the Nasr Club.

Forty-eight teams of over 18 are to take part in the tournament and sixteen teams of under 18 will play in the preliminaries scheduled to commence on the tenth. FJP youths Secretary Mohamed Barquky told Ikhwanweb that the matches will begin at 10 pm and continue through to 1 am. Other football tournaments are to be played in the Qalubeya and Beheira governorates.

Other activities by the group include poetry, literature, and short story contests about the Egyptian revolution which succeeded in instilling further the significance of freedom, justice, patriotism and cooperation.

The competition aims to discover talented individuals in all fields and set them on the right path.

In the movie production field, the FJP’s Media Committee displayed footage of a movie titled Welcome Ramadan, and others about the revolution.