Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Leaders Condemn All Violence

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Leaders Condemn All Violence

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) strongly condemned the bombing near the Security Directorate of Dakahlia in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

They expressed surprise at the junta regime’s Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi rushing to blame the incident on the Muslim Brotherhood and labeling the group as a terrorist organization.

Hamza Zawbaa, FJP media spokesman, said: "Coup authorities realized that fraud will not work (in the coming referendum). So, they resorted to this heinous bombing.

"All violence is reprehensible. God, as well as the whole world, bear witness that the Brotherhood is innocent of all that."

Qutb Al-Arabi, journalist and leading member of the Brotherhood, criticized the floundering coup authorities’ confused statements and their rushing to blame the Brotherhood for alleged responsibility for the traitorous bombing of Mansoura’s Security directorate, despite assurances and declarations by Hazem Beblawi, the military-appointed Prime Minister; and Mohamed Ibrahim, his interior minister, that they had eliminated the Muslim Brotherhood and that it would never rise again.

In a post on his personal page on Facebook, following the tragic Mansoura bombing incident, Qutb Al-Arabi urged the head of the military-installed government to "focus on the search for the real culprits and bring them to trial promptly, so as to cut off the hands that attack Egyptian soldiers and officers.

"Do PM Beblawi and General Al-Sisi feel better now? Are the victims’ families happier now that the Muslim Brotherhood has been added to the so-called ‘terrorism list’? Then again, where is this list, in any case? Didn’t Beblawi announce that there is no such list in Egypt? Did Beblawi manage to gather sufficient evidence to accuse the Brotherhood for this incident? Doesn’t this absurd accusation contribute to the real culprits getting away with their crime? Does Beblawi think that this decision will break the Brotherhood’s back? Does Beblawi really believe the Brotherhood still have a back to break?"

Further, Tariq Qutb, former member of Parliament for the FJP, condemned the blast at the Dakahlia Security directorate that killed 14 Egyptians.

"Our Revolution is a peaceful one. We will not deviate from our peaceful approach… These incidents are repugnant coup tactics and tricks. They kill Egyptians in order to pass the illegitimate coup’s constitution."

Meanwhile, informed sources from the legal team representing pro-legitimacy detainees in Dakahlia revealed that the Security Directorate building, which was partly damaged in the explosion earlier Tuesday, has 60 anti-coup detainees and 3 Mansoura girls held in remand for two months now.

Separately, one of the lawyers reported that Security Directorate sources assure that most of the detainees survived the blast, while some were wounded, suffering minor injuries.