Muslim Brotherhood: Arrests, Detention Will Not Defeat Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood: Arrests, Detention Will Not Defeat Revolution

Arresting the honorable patriotic Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan and Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr, Muslim Brotherhood leaders and activists, is nothing but a failed attempt by brutal coup authorities to demoralize Revolution heroes rising across Egypt against the military junta’s tyranny, murder and repression.

We affirm that such oppressive coup practices will not intimidate or stop us from facing up to injustice and the criminal putschists and oppressors. Thus we have learned from our leaders. Thus they have taught us. We vow to continue our defiance and resistance until victory, challenging the junta and its putschist regime. Certainly, arrests and prisons will not intimidate us. We are the free men and women of the Revolution – free, even behind bars in the junta’s jails, dungeons and detention centers.

The Egyptian Revolution has created a new generation, strong and determined, that will not be deterred by those repressive measures or driven away from the path of the Revolution, the path of liberation of this homeland from traitors and deceptive despots.

We further affirm that these repressive measure will not impact our Revolution or its chosen path. In fact, it will make the revolutionaries stronger and more determined than ever. All these sacrifices by us and our leaders are only milestones on the path of victory, God willing.

We will go forth, steady on the path until we wrest rights, freedom and dignity for our dear homeland Egypt.

Mohamed Montaser

Revolutionary Egypt

Cairo: Tuesday – June 2, 2015