Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Regime Prevents Ahmed Seif Al-Islam Al-Banna Funeral Service

Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Regime Prevents Ahmed Seif Al-Islam Al-Banna Funeral Service

 Dark history repeats itself. Yesteryear, on the night of February 12, 1949, the ruling gang of criminals assassinated Imam Hassan Al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) after many days of preparation, in which they rounded up and detained his followers and students. Then, they killed him thinking that ending his life would put an end to his good message or the reform group he had started.

In the morning after that state-sponsored execution, Imam Hassan Al-Banna’s body was handed over to his grieving father. The great Sheikh prepared his son’s body for the funeral, where it was carried on the shoulders of women. The authorities prevented people from praying for him or attending his funeral. Only his father and his son Ahmed Saif Al-Islam were left to pray in the funeral. The oppressive gang did not allow any memorial service for Hassan Al-Banna.

Today (Sunday), the same criminal gang, albeit with different names and titles, repeat the repressive maneuvers with the great mentor and leader Ahmed Seif Al-Islam Hassan Al-Banna, who passed away Thursday evening (February 4, 2016). The oppressive coup authorities prevented his family from holding a traditional Islamic wake for him, closing the doors of all mosques to his loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

These dictators do not realize that millions of supporters of Hassan Al-Banna and the Banna family all over the world never fail to show their respect and express their love for Al-Bannas as well as all good scholars and honorable patriots. These heinous crimes will not impact their affection for Al-Bannas. Coup forces do not realize that oppression cannot last and their traitorous cunning will be in vain.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Sunday – February 7, 2016