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  • March 24, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Regime Nile Water Agreement With Ethiopia Null and Void

Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Regime Nile Water Agreement With Ethiopia Null and Void

 The heinous coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi has illegitimately signed on behalf of Egypt the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) agreement, without any knowledge of its terms and conditions or the essential details of GERD and its storage capacity, according to experts and specialists. Al-Sisi has thus sold the Egyptian people’s long-established rights to Nile water for a few billion dollars more from foreign powers, straight to his own and his junta’s pockets.

Today (Monday), the coup commander signed an agreement which would not fool even a half-witted child, and which lacks the ABCs of international agreements and international law, to prove his gullibility, failure and treachery. For one thing, according to this agreement, the Ethiopians do not have to guarantee or safeguard any Egyptian rights to Nile waters. The traitor Al-Sisi knows full well that he has no legitimacy, and so rushes to enter into any agreements, even they deprive Egypt of its rights.

The putschists are not concerned with Egypt or its people. They do not care if Egyptians go hungry or thirsty.

In any event, we assure the whole world that the Egyptian people’s Revolution will triumph and that any agreement entered into by the coup regime, or the junta, will not be recognized, but regarded as null and void.

The people of this homeland will not be brought to their knees. They will certainly not go thirsty. The Revolution will not only topple this illegitimate coup regime, it will also cancel all treaties, agreements and contracts the junta and the coup regime will have signed illegally in the name of the Egyptian people.

Cairo: Saturday – March 21, 2015

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman