Muslim Brotherhood: Dakahlia Bomber Identified – What Next?

Muslim Brotherhood: Dakahlia Bomber Identified – What Next?

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The putschists’ Interior Ministry announced that it identified the person who blew the Security Directorate of Dakahlia (northeast of Cairo), and that he belongs to a Takfiri (extremist, ultra-hardline) group.

Although local residents of Mansoura (the city where the explosion took place) do not believe the Interior Ministry’s account of what had happened, convinced that the explosion was "an inside job" – that coup forces were behind the blast, we will assume that the Ministry is telling the truth this time. But, what does this mean?

It means that the Muslim Brotherhood is innocent of this crime, and that the illegitimate junta regime’s Cabinet of Ministers in its entirety is a council of lying conspirators, aided and abetted by media professional liars and chameleon, shape-shifting politicians.

That is not in the least surprising, though. The government is an illegitimate power-grabbing apparatus installed by a defense minister who betrayed his official oath and his pledge to the President, killed innocent Egyptians, and does not have the authority to appoint anyone into government.

Again, that is not at all surprising. The government which – unprovoked – excessively killed and spilled the blood of thousands of unarmed citizens does not find it difficult to lie, slander or demonize opponents. Nevertheless, the putschists – and the whole world – know this is a terrorist regime that has not a shred of legitimacy. Desperately, they deflect their guilt onto others, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of terrorism, blaming their crimes on the innocent and honorable.

Since this failed coup government came to power, all the country’s affairs were plunged into a deep dark abyss. The most recent of this regime’s achievements is the freezing of the assets of 1055 Islamic charities that financially supported, educated, raised and provided health care for millions of orphans, widows, elderly people and the needy.

This government’s main complex is that it has no legitimacy. For legitimacy is the people’s approval and support. The unjust and dishonest decision against the Muslim Brotherhood will increase popular support for the group and double the number of loyal citizens rallying behind it.

This growing support was reflected in demonstrations on Friday, December 27, 2013, although the junta increased sanctions, making the death penalty the punishment for leading a peaceful protest.

The illegitimate government received a number of slaps in the face, in response to its dishonest decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, from Kuwait, Britain and Germany, as well as organizations like Human Rights Watch. The unjust decision was also criticized by newspapers like the Washington Post, the Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph, and many others.

The truest description of the unlawful decision is what a former lawmaker in the parliament of Kuwait said: "This decision is reckless. It is a fascist, demented decision".

Just as a thief is loath to see an honest person on the face of the earth, the complex of lawlessness or illegitimacy will overwhelm all the actions of the coup regime, until the people overthrow the putschists.

Legal experts have declared this decision null and void. Hence, we will not be unduly preoccupied with any attempts to get it rescinded. For us, and for the honorable people of Egypt, this decision is already dead and buried.

There are those who expect this illegitimate government to do the right thing, like Human Rights Watch. They urge the putschists to reverse this unjust decision. It seems they think this coup regime is somehow similar to respectable governments that would promptly resign if a minister erred unintentionally, or at least correct his mistake without delay.

But those are legitimate governments that respect the will of their peoples, who elected them into office. This government, however, will not reverse its absurd decision. First, because it is an illegitimate government – it does not respect its own people, since it came on the backs of tanks, not through the ballot box. Second, because it is a government of failed politicians, conspirators who commit crimes with premeditation, in cold blood. Third, because their own will is not in their own hands. They seem to carry out the policy of chaos that aims to create a state of civil strife, as happened in Iraq, for the benefit of the largest sponsor of the coup and its little protégé in the region, and by order of the statelet which funded the coup from the Gulf.

But the Egyptian people’s awareness and vigilance, and its commitment to non-violence, will frustrate these conspiracies and plots, God willing.

The defeat of the murderous military coup is approaching fast. The people will uproot the putschists as poisonous weeds are uprooted so good plants grow, bloom and bear fruit.

We remind ourselves and all Muslim brothers and sisters, of God’s Words: "Waver not, nor grieve. You will triumph – ultimately, if you are true believers" (Quran 3:139), and "They plot and plan, and so does God; and God is the best of planners" (Quran 8:30).

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: December 29, 2013