Muslim Brotherhood: Day of Treachery, Treason

Muslim Brotherhood: Day of Treachery, Treason

A day of tragic transformation unprecedented in Egypt’s modern history – that was the day of high treason that upended everything in this homeland, dragging it back to zero point, after the junta hijacked the January 25 Revolution, betrayed Egypt’s legitimate elected President, killed thousands of the best patriotic sons and daughters of Egypt, transformed the country into a big prison, throwing into dark dungeons of slow death and torture tens of thousands of the best citizens – good women, children, youths and men, hounding tens of thousands more, and destroyed all aspects of economic, educational and social life. Openly, blatantly, the traitorous coup commander declared that Egypt is a quasi-State. Furthermore, he quite unashamedly announced his own doubts of his religion, his creed. So, is any thing sacred for the treasonous military junta?

The steadfastness of President Mohamed Morsi, and his insistence on adhering to legitimacy, declaring: "the price of maintaining legitimacy is my life" stripped this coup and the junta of any legitimacy, even if the whole world recognized it to pursue dubious interests.

A tribute to the steadfast President and all the heroes standing steadfast behind bars and in all streets and squares of Egypt…

A tribute to the souls of the martyrs…

A tribute to all the revolutionaries who crippled the treasonous coup by coming out to the streets and squares for the past thousand and one-hundred days without pause, in an epic struggle that will not stop until this coup is defeated, God willing.

The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms what it has already announced repeatedly: our hands remain outstretched for all patriotic parties and groups to re-ignite the spirit of the January 25 (2011) Revolution, and mobilize all citizens in successive waves of peaceful protests until the coup is defeated and its heads and top officials are brought to fair and prompt trials.

We believe that the truth will prevail over falsehood, inevitably.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Sunday – July 3, 2016