Muslim Brotherhood: Death Penalty and World Conscience

Muslim Brotherhood: Death Penalty and World Conscience

 On the International Day Against the Death Penalty, the world rose up against loss of life outside the law, and to save the lives of innocent people wrongfully sentenced to death.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian people live a tragedy that is claiming the lives of innocent citizens through extrajudicial killings on identity, medical neglect and politicized death sentences. In 2016 alone, executions outside the framework of the law reached unprecedented highs, and unjust death sentences since the 2013 military coup were issued against 1841 citizens, in 44 cases, with the death penalty confirmed for 688 people.

"Coup Egypt" won the first place in the world in executions, according to several international organizations, as death sentences issued in the past three years by the junta’s heavily politicized judiciary outnumbered those issued in the last 110 years of Egypt’s history.

All the absurd charges in those death penalty cases, brought against innocent people, were totally removed from reality. They were nothing but political account-settling, and the general heinous  approach adopted by the villainous coup regime that has no regard for Egyptians’ lives.

The executions, which are intended to terrorize, intimidate, demonize and eliminate all those who reject the military coup, will not discourage the Egyptian people from moving forward in their Revolution until they uproot and oust this criminal gang that has dragged Egypt into chaos and destruction, and turned it into a big prison.

There will come a day soon where magic shall turn against the magician, and Egyptians will achieve retribution for the blood of their martyrs and the wounded, and reap the fruits of the great sacrifices they made.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Monday – October 10, 2016