Muslim Brotherhood: Death Sentences, Executions Will Not Intimidate Us

Muslim Brotherhood: Death Sentences, Executions Will Not Intimidate Us
To the traitorous military coup’s judges complicit in the spilling of innocent revolutionaries’ blood…

To those who sentenced to death seven young patriotic men in Kafr el-Sheikh…

The patriotic youths who rose up in revolt for the sake of their homeland Egypt will not be intimidated or scared into stopping their Revolution by unjust executions or long jail sentences. They devoted their lives to God, wishing for martyrdom, their souls aspiring for God’s blessings, steadfast, confident victory is inevitable, soon.

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects as null and void any provisions or verdicts issued by the thoroughly corrupted and intensely politicized justice system and judges who have sold themselves to the devil.

All criminals will soon be held accountable. Retribution is coming. Soon, all the aggressors and the oppressors will be held to task. They will taste the bitter harvest of what they have sowed and the crimes they have committed against innocent people.

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms it will not compromise on the blood of the martyrs or the wounded, nor on the rights of detainees.

We will topple the illegitimate corrupt coup regime and hold accountable all criminals. We will wrest rights to the people, God willing.

Victory for the Revolution

Eman Mahmoud

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesperson

Friday – May 13, 2016

This is an edited translation of the original Arabic found here: