Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt National and Religious Institutions Will Reject Anti-Revolution Tactics

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt National and Religious Institutions Will Reject Anti-Revolution Tactics

A Muslim Brotherhood statement Saturday said: "Now, Egypt needs stability, social peace, respect for ethical principles and democracy, especially honesty and commitment to popular will and constitutional legitimacy, in order to get out of its crises, complete its democratic transformation, and forge forward towards real progress and prosperity. Desire for the change that we all seek must be underpinned by these principles.

"Unfortunately, we suffer every day from certain parties that do not want for Egypt neither stability nor prosperity, seeking to overthrow the democratically elected regime, even fomenting discord in society, pitting state institutions against each other and igniting hatred and hostility, provoking violence and inciting subversion and vandalism."

The Brotherhood denounced utter lies published daily by privately-owned newspapers, saying: "Examples of fabricated fables published by a certain group of newspapers Saturday include allegations that there is a Brotherhood plan in cooperation with the U.S. government to dismiss Defense Minister General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi. These reports are all libel, slander and misinformation that aim to ignite strife between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood, to defame and vilify the Brotherhood, and to distort its great history of serious struggle.

"At the same time, these newspapers published ‘reports’ that the Muslim Brotherhood is preparing a law to reduce the retirement age for the judiciary. These are lies to ignite tensions between the Brotherhood and the institution of the judiciary. All this is aimed at fuelling internal conflicts, something the former regime was quite adept at, and its holdovers are now trying desperately to apply the same techniques they lived by: they know no other way."

The Brotherhood statement went on, saying: "The lies and the hatred behind them did not stop at this point either. Counter-revolution forces who control certain media outlets tried to exploit the food-poisoning incident that struck a large number of Al-Azhar students to create strife and tension between the Brotherhood and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, although in fact our relationship is good, and our respect for Al-Azhar institution and its Imam is immense.

"We have great faith in the wisdom of Egypt’s national and religious institutions, and that they cannot be fooled by counter-revolutionary conspiracies that plot against the homeland and the people who have known the Brotherhood for decades. We are of the people, for the people; and we would never wish for them or Egypt, our homeland, anything but the best – peace, prosperity, progress and stability."