Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptians Paying for Sisi’s Selling Out of Egypt Historical Nile Water Share

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptians Paying for Sisi’s Selling Out of Egypt Historical Nile Water Share

 To the patriotic people of Egypt and the great revolutionaries…

Almost thirty whole months have passed and you are still standing steadfast, in your prisons and in liberty squares across Egypt. The whole world solemnly applauds your determination and resolve.

You have trampled all the calculations of the putschist junta. Their end is approaching fast, God willing. Sisi is marching steadily from failure to failure, while powerful waves of revolutionary protests are coming to save the homeland and the people and stop the shameful concessions and betrayals.

Egypt’s simple peasants are already paying for the Nile water loss, the crisis created by Sisi’s recklessness. Indeed, all Egyptians, especially future generations, will pay for Sisi’s mistake.

Junta-controlled media has misled the Egyptian people, as it celebrated the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam agreement signed by Sisi, and pictured it as a great achievement! Now, it has been revealed that with this agreement Sisi and his gang forfeit the Egyptian people’s right to Nile water. Evidently, the traitorous Sisi is implementing a Zionist plot to eliminate Egypt’s historical achievements.

The whole world heard the words of Egypt’s legitimate President Mohamed Morsi: "If Egypt’s share of Nile water is decreased by one drop, we will sacrifice our blood to get it back".

We assure the whole world that these words alone represent the Egyptian people in this matter. Only the traitorous Sisi and his gang take responsibility for any agreements signed by the murderous general. He only stands for his own cronies, the putschist traitors.

We are certainly not gloating, nor rejoicing, for that matter. For this crisis will not hurt Sisi and his regime alone, but all citizens of this country, including us. We, therefore, bitterly lament this situation as we appreciate the gravity of the loss.

Now, Sisi’s army, the great warriors who recently slaughtered one Palestinian man who tried to escape the illegitimate and vicious blockade of Gaza, has not moved a finger to address this serious breach of the country’s national security.

The time to oust the putschist generals is surely onto us.

Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – December 27, 2015