Muslim Brotherhood: June 30, the Big Lie

Muslim Brotherhood: June 30, the Big Lie

 For Egyptians, June 30 will always remain the "day of the big lie". It will remain so preserved in history, despite the military junta’s best endeavors to falsely call it a "revolution".

The demonstrations shown off by the junta’s media henchmen, the misinformation they broadcast that day, and the enemies of freedom they mobilized, were the culmination of the waves of chaos planned by the junta and executed by gangs of "Black Bloc" and "Tamarod" over the full year during which President Mohamed Morsi ruled. Then, the voice of the defense minister, the voice of treachery and treason, revealed the ugly details of that big lie, at the end of the day.

The Egyptian people will not forget that the support of various groups with the military junta was the worst thing in that scene.

Those who allied themselves with the military junta sold off (and still are selling off) Egypt, its youth, its freedom and the democratic path to the coup gang, seeking a mirage that soon turned into a nightmare for them and the whole of Egypt.

Today (Thursday), three years later, it has become clear to everyone – except the deluded vain-glorious – that what happened on June 30 (2013), was only a part of a major plot against Egypt and its people’s democratic choice. The reality on the ground attest to that.

There can be no salvation for Egypt from this nightmare, except through unity of its youth and all its patriots in new revolutionary waves that restore freedom to the people and reinstate its free choice. We are confident that the will of the people will triumph.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Thursday – June 30, 2016