Muslim Brotherhood: Media Predictions of Terrorist Acts

Muslim Brotherhood: Media Predictions of Terrorist Acts

 In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Normally, the job of security and intelligence agencies, in any country, is to maintain the national security of the homeland and the people. However, those do sometimes deviate from their mission, to instead serve political purposes of those in power. Thus, stripping away all religious, national and ethical values ​​and principles, they commit acts of terror or exploit such violent acts carried out by secret terrorist organizations, falsely blaming them on peaceful political opponents to vilify and demonize them and so unfairly achieve political objectives.

History teaches us, in the words of late President Nasser, when he said to Abdul-Latif Al-Baghdadi and Khalid Mohieddin, his colleagues in the Revolutionary Command Council, back in 1954, that he had six bombings executed in one day in different parts of Cairo to terrorize the people and divert them from demanding the return to democracy (see Abdel-Latif Al-Baghdadi’s autobiography, and also the book ‘Alaan Atakalam’ (Now, I talk), Khalid Mohieddin’s autobiography).

A few years ago, Egypt’s State Security apparatus blew up a huge bomb outside Two-Saints Church in Alexandria, on Christmas eve, that claimed the lives of a large number of our Christian fellow citizens, and blamed the crime on peaceful Islamic groups, to spark sectarian strife in the society.

Those agencies recruit ‘friendly’ and hired media henchmen to promote false accusations. However, these sometimes expose themselves and the security agencies that pull their strings by broadcasting news of terrorist acts even before they occur.

We all remember how some pro-military media castrati broadcast news of the Egyptian Scientific Academy being torched before any harm befell it. As is well-known, the Academy building was indeed torched shortly thereafter. The same happened with the Property Tax building in Cairo. It was torched shortly after certain media broadcast news of arson at the building.

A few days ago, we heard a media ‘professional’ announce that a large explosion would occur. Sure enough, one day later, the criminal bombing at Dakahlia’s Security compound occurred, and immediately used as a pretext to place the Muslim Brotherhood on a so-called terrorism list, with neither investigation nor evidence, despite the fact that the group condemned the incident outright, and although a militant group called Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem), one of the armed militant groups in the Sinai Peninsula, on the same day (Wednesday evening), claimed responsibility for the heinous bombing.

Undoubtedly, this proves that coup authorities are determined to vilify and demonize the Muslim Brotherhood, to terrorize the peaceful popular protest movement demanding people’s rights to freedom, dignity and sovereignty, and to divert people from demanding democracy and rights.

Now, a number of media ‘professionals’ are predicting the bombing of the Defense Ministry and the assassination of certain individuals. They are already blaming these crimes, and before they take place, on the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to incite hatred and violence against the group, and so as to spark civil strife where people forget the issues of democracy, rights and freedoms.

The Muslim Brotherhood declares that it is innocent of all violent incidents already committed or will be committed in the future, for it is a peaceful organization, was so in the past, and will remain so committed to non-violence in the future. It cannot spill one drop of blood, nor destroy or sabotage any building, because it endeavors for peace and progress, and because the values ​​of Islam govern its work and all its ideas and principles. God Almighty says: "Do not make mischief" (Quran, 7:56), "God loves not mischief" (Quran, 2:205), and "Whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein (forever), and the wrath and curse of God are upon him, and he will have a dreadful retribution ready for him" (Quran, 4:93).

Although the Muslim Brotherhood has been subjected to brutal persecution and repression, tremendous injustices and countless lies and accusations, it will remain committed to peacefulness, truth and freedom for all the people, confident that: "Whereas the froth is cast away, what benefits mankind stays on" (Quran, 13:17), "Evil schemes only backfire on those who plot them" (Quran, 35:43), and "Never think that God is unaware of what the transgressors are doing" (Quran, 14:42).

Those conspirators, their associates and collaborators should be aware and beware of God, and hold highest, and above all else, the interests of the people and the homeland, which is already groaning under the weight of the oppressors’ mischief.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: December 27, 2013