Muslim Brotherhood: Message of Gratitude and Appreciation

Muslim Brotherhood: Message of Gratitude and Appreciation

 The Muslim Brotherhood expresses sincere thanks and gratitude to the masses of the Muslim nation, to the Islamic movements, associations and groups, to the political, intellectual and popular groups, to public figures, the press and politicians, and to civil society organizations around the glob for their reassuring messages of support and condolence on the passing of the Brotherhood’s former Chairman Mohamed Akef, for attending the mourning ceremony held by the group in Istanbul, for publishing articles on this sad incident, and for organizing "absentee prayers" in many places across the globe.

The group also extends its thanks to the State of Turkey for hosting the memorial services on its territory.

The Muslim Brotherhood is determined to move forward – with full devotion and steadfastness – on the path of preaching mainstream Islam with wisdom and good exhortation, whatever the sacrifices, difficulties and challenges, to fulfill its covenant with God and its noble mission in the service of its nation, and to champion the principles of truth, justice and freedom.

Muslim Brotherhood

Monday – September 25, 2017