Muslim Brotherhood: Military Junta Violence, Terror Will Not Work

Muslim Brotherhood: Military Junta Violence, Terror Will Not Work

A few days separate us from the anniversary of the first fascist military statement made by the generals in which they used political slogans and bogus demands for deceptive cover, while they used blatant lies, deception, violence and terror, and did their worst killing, humiliating and violating the rights of all Egyptians.

Yesterday, detained student Islam Ragaei died due to coup authorities’ deliberate medical negligence after he was shot and wounded by junta security forces in Beni Suef in April.

The junta has humiliated the people into submission through intimidation, violence, terror and the violation of the Egyptian people’s rights. Junta authorities killed more than 191 citizens through methodical and deliberate medical negligence inside jails and detention centers.

They arrested and tortured more than 3,000 children of whom more than 500 are still in detention centers until now. The generals also arrested, raped and violated more than 1,000 women of whom 61 are still inside detention centers until now. In fact, the total number of detainees exceeds 41,000 men, women and children.

The junta have attempted, with their crimes in cities, villages, towns, streets, squares and even prisons and places of detention, to create violence and spark and spread strife inside our homeland. They consistently deploy a method of execution and vengeful killing and revenge, taking advantage of its lying media cover and traitorous judicial tentacle.

The generals planned, plotted and executed dozens of massacres, wounded with birdshot and killed with sniper-fire and live bullets more than 2500 people. They demolished more than 2125 houses in Sinai where more than 3,200 families lived. In the Sinai alone, they arrested more than 3,000 Egyptians, killed in the Sinai alone more than 800 innocent Egyptian citizens.

We call on all patriotic young people of Egypt to not get caught in what the military junta regime pushes them into – the trap of violence, plotted by the junta’s various apparatuses and tentacles with full force. We reject this violence completely.

We believe that violence and terror are made up and executed by only one party: the military junta’s regime and its apparatuses. They use violence with unmitigated audacity and brazen effrontery. We will not leave our country to fall into this quagmire so set up and plotted for it.

We call on every patriotic honorable Egyptian to work for the removal of the violence of the terrorist criminal regime, and to debunk all lies and deception practiced by the military junta and its illegitimate regime against the people who suffer poverty, violence and intimidation, and for which the military regime wants nothing but more fear, despair, cowering and retreat.

It is the duty of each sincere patriotic Egyptian to work in order to build a free civil state that expresses the will of the people rather than the live bullets of the military, able to meet the aspirations of the people and the achievement of freedom, justice and a decent living. We are doing our best endeavors for the people’s rights, dignity and future without any factional or partisan aspirations or demands.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Cairo: Thursday – June 25, 2015