Muslim Brotherhood: Murder Rejected; Overthrowing Military Rule Will Stop Bloodshed

Muslim Brotherhood: Murder Rejected; Overthrowing Military Rule Will Stop Bloodshed

The negative developments in the Egyptian arena, most recently targeting the coup regime’s public prosecutor, are the responsibility of the criminal coup junta that set the scene for violence and turned Egypt away from a promising democratic experience to mass execution, violence and bloodshed.

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that murder is reprehensible and unacceptable, that the current Egyptian situation has exceeded all limits, and that there is no way to stop the bloodshed but to defeat the military coup and empower the (January 25, 2011) Revolution.

The violence and killing which the coup regime’s public prosecutor legalized by facilitating executions, arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and slow death in prisons, and absurdly extended long-term remand in custody, abductions and forced disappearances, which are all horrid crimes that created a whole  sector of society, with tens of thousands of oppressed people.

The targeting of the junta’s public prosecutor reveals to all that the coup’s security apparatuses and its killing machine can only face peaceful unarmed protesters in the streets, dragging them on asphalt, insulting and humiliating non-violent demonstrators, torturing workers and street vendors, and harassing the poor in Egypt’s slums.

We affirm that there is no way to end this violence except by achieving justice, toppling this illegitimate regime with its inhuman crimes against the homeland, and allowing Egypt to be free – to be ruled only by the free will of the people – not be enslaved, subject to the wishes of the corrupt and the criminals.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Cairo: Monday – June 29, 2015