Muslim Brotherhood: No Legitimacy for Tyrants

Muslim Brotherhood: No Legitimacy for Tyrants

The great people of Egypt have spoken: "No legitimacy for a tyrant” as they boycotted the latest presidential election’s farce, which was sought by the military coup to reestablish the foundations of its rule.

The military coup junta tried to cover up their utter failure, and exposure before the world with unprecedented absurdities in the history of Egypt, from overt bribery, security pressures, intimidation and threats, cheap utilization of religious institutions, dance and vulgarity near polling stations, and breaching all conventional rules stipulated in the law. However, all these attempts, although distorting the image of Egypt and harming its people, met with a great failure and became a regret for those who participated. 

Regardless of the low voters turnout, the Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms again that it does not recognize any legitimacy for this regime of the usurper that governs the country by force of arms. While appreciating the decisive and clear position of the Egyptian people regarding this farce, the Muslim Brotherhood calls for a new wave of national action against this coup until its removal, Allah willing, in order to establish a modern democratic civilian state that respects human dignity.

We confirm that the steadfastness of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the legitimate president and all the detained honorable patriots in the military coup’s prisons, and their rejection to identify with the coup of July 3, 2013, contributed mainly to exposing and foiling this farce.

As we salute the steadfastness of these heroes, we call upon the international community to reconsider its policies towards the Egyptian people, who will one day stand up and regain their freedom.

Dr.. Talaat Fahmy

Media Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday, 17 Rajab 1439 AH, April 3, 2018