Muslim Brotherhood: No reconciliation with Coup Regime; Rabaa Retribution Inevitable

Muslim Brotherhood: No reconciliation with Coup Regime; Rabaa Retribution Inevitable

Mohamed Montaser, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said no criminal who participated in the cold-blooded Rabaa massacre would escape justice. He further stressed that the blood shed by military junta forces in Rabaa still demands retribution, which is a religious duty and legal responsibility for the Muslim Brotherhood as well as all patriotic Egyptians.

In a telephone conversation with Aljazeera Mubasher satellite TV channel yesterday (Friday), Montaser said: "Rabaa has become an international issue for all free and honorable men and women around the world who know the meaning of injustice, betrayal and military coups. Two years on, the families of martyrs still live in the dark shadows of the junta’s horrid atrocity. They will not forget those who killed peaceful guiltless men, women and children. We will exact retribution from those who spilled the blood of innocents. No murderer will get away with his crime.

"The ongoing non-violent revolutionary resistance is capable of facing up to the murderous machine of repression, violence and death that is now destroying Egypt. This revolutionary resistance has been going on non-stop since July 3, 2013 and until today. Revolutionaries are forcing the coup regime to review its political and other positions. Two years on, and despite the military junta’s policies of extreme violence and repression, the resistance is the primary scene now."

In response to a question regarding initiatives for reconciliation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the coup regime, Montaser denied categorically, saying: "No-one offered us any initiatives, and we did not offer any either. The situation now is no longer a crisis that can be resolved with initiatives. The situation is much more atrocious. Innocent blood is being spilled in the streets; detainees are languishing in junta prisons; and whole families are homeless on the streets of Egypt. Nothing will satisfy the men and women of the 2011 Revolution but fair and prompt retribution from the barbaric murderous militias.

"The Revolution will go on, inevitably… despite the military junta’s violent policies and extrajudicial executions, despite the coup regime’s dealing with all opponents with live bullets. We realize that revolutions are not served on a silver or gold platter… Revolutions have a price, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, at the heart of the revolutionary resistance, is ready and willing to pay that price. This means we cannot retreat, even if they fire live bullets at us."