Muslim Brotherhood: Revolution Brings Us Together

Muslim Brotherhood: Revolution Brings Us Together

Over the past three years, Egyptian patriots have not spared any effort, and did not and will not hesitate or pause, in the quest to defeat the treasonous military coup, topple the junta regime, and reinstate popular will and legitimacy that the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang brutally trampled in the July 3, 2013 military coup.

Egypt’s free patriots, men and women of the January 25 (2011) Revolution, from all age groups, sectors of society and revolutionary movements, stood steadfast as mountains in the face of the despotic junta’s tyranny. They remained true to the constants and principles of their (January 2011) Revolution despite the repression, the executions and barbaric torture; and protected the Revolution from attempts of hijacking by regime henchmen.

Egypt’s revolutionaries remained on the true path of the Revolution, dodging attempts of distraction and misguidance. The coup’s arsenal of deadly weapons, its subversive media tentacles, and its well-known conspiracies, all failed to abort the ongoing revolutionary movement in all streets and squares of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with the anti-coup revolutionary movement, is confident that the Egyptian people will continue the revolutionary struggle by all peaceful and creative means, until the ultimate defeat of the traitorous military coup, and until they restore their usurped will.

The group appreciates all sincere revolutionary efforts, initiatives and campaigns, and declares its support for the "Revolution brings us together" campaign, in the belief that there is real need to expand joint revolutionary work with fellow anti-coup protesters. The group is also keen to raise awareness in society, to unite all patriots, and channel all energies to restore the gains of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, and to achieve all its goals: bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity.

The group will take part in the "Revolution brings us together" protest campaign; and calls on the masses of the Egyptian people and all revolutionary movements to positively participate in restoring revolutionary unity and cohesion on the basis of values ​​and general principles that bring all together.

The corrupt junta grabbed the reins of power and seized the homeland’s resources following the treasonous full-fledged military coup. They killed, rounded up and arrested thousands of innocent people, and collaborated with the enemy. The Muslim Brotherhood affirms that liberating Egypt will only be possible with revolutionary unity which embraces all opponents of the military coup, avoids past errors, and maximizes the benefits of joint revolutionary cooperation.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Friday – June 24, 2016