Muslim Brotherhood: Revolution Continues Until Military Coup Defeat

Muslim Brotherhood: Revolution Continues Until Military Coup Defeat

 This is an unforgettable and historic day for the Revolution and the anti-coup resistance, witnessed in the squares and streets of Egypt on Sinai Liberation Day, the day the Sinai was taken back from the treacherous Zionist enemy.

The proud people of Egypt rose up everywhere in powerful protests the homeland has not seen very often since it fell into the clutches of the treasonous military coup. Egyptians closed ranks and united in their chanting for the fall of military rule and an end to the military coup, announcing they would never give up an inch of Egypt’s land or a grain of its sand.

The revolutionary men and women of Egypt have written a new page of glory in the history of their Revolution, and proved to the coup, the junta, all traitors, and to the whole world, that Egypt after April 25, 2016 is more determined than ever to rid itself of the mad military junta and its illegitimate regime.

The Revolution moved boldly forward last week; and now it moves even more strongly, sweeping a lot of obstacles out of its way, ridding people of all hesitation and fear, and paving a new path for freedom and dignity which all patriotic revolutionaries will tread until they defeat the treasonous military coup and bring all its commanders and henchmen to trial.

Today, Egypt’s patriotic revolutionaries reached a high level of maturity and responsibility, as they refused to allow coup authorities and media machine to sow discord and sedition among them. They rose up in squares and streets across the homeland waving the Egyptian flag, chanting one slogan calling for liberating the country from the junta and for an end to military rule.

The steadfastness of political prisoners behind bars in horrid junta jails, and the perseverance of revolutionaries in the squares of liberty and dignity for three years, as well as the insistence of Egypt’s patriotic youth to continue their Revolution, are the fuel that kept the Revolution burning until today.

The Revolution moved from strength to strength, day after day, while the fascist coup crowd disintegrated and crumbled.

Today, they appeared shaken and scared from the roar of the Revolution. So, they closed off public squares and deployed military forces and clearly lost their balance. Meanwhile, Egypt’s revolutionaries remained steadfast and continued their protest activities strongly.

The Muslim Brotherhood assures the great patriotic people of Egypt, on this historic day of the blessed Revolution, that the revolutionary men and women of Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are citizens of one homeland and will not be driven apart by attempts at discord and division made by the fascist coup. Our hearts will remain open, our hands outstretched to all patriotic political currents and orientations and all honorable citizens of this dear homeland, to move together toward achieving one goal, to defeat the traitorous military coup and end military rule.

We say it loud and clear: No truce nor promise for those who trampled sanctities, killed the innocent and sold the homeland. Let us continue the Revolution without pause until we achieve all its objectives, and our people inhale the breeze of freedom.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Tuesday – April 26, 2016