Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi Mandate Clearly Proves July 3 was Military Coup

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi Mandate Clearly Proves July 3 was Military Coup

 Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement on the authorization by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) for General Al-Sisi, who has just been promoted to Field Marshal, to run for Egypt’s top office:

Now, the illusion has been pierced, all hidden secrets revealed. It has become evident that what happened on July 3, 2013 was indeed a full-fledged military coup d’etat. Paradoxically, SCAF’s main mission is to protect, not rule, the country.

However, it absurdly authorizes its chief, the coup leader, to run for president, so the military should consolidate its power and dominate political life in Egypt. The military is supposed to keep away from politics altogether.

Will civil movements and parties wake up to the truth, and face up to this coup? Or will they continue to follow the junta blindly?

Do foreign powers – so far ‘unsure’ about the nature of what happened in Egypt on July 3 – need any clearer evidence than this to prove that it was a military coup? Will those powers now commit to their own principles and apply their own laws that ban support for military coups?

On the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, coup forces carried out yet another horrific massacre in which they killed more than a hundred unarmed civilians, injured hundreds more, and arbitrarily arrested more than a thousand people, according to human rights organizations.

After all this, the illegitimate president Adly Mansour, appointed by General Sisi, promoted the murderous coup leader to Field Marshal, the highest rank in the Egyptian military, thus rewarding him for killing peaceful Egyptian protesters on that same day, which follows a long series of massacres against non-violent Egyptian citizens. The newly promoted Field Marshal’s military history shows he never fought a single battle against the real enemies of this homeland.

Those who do not know this murderer well should realize that he is the general who swore an official solemn oath to respect the country’s Constitution and quickly betrayed his oath. He swore he did not seek power, and that he would not run for president, while he told a certain journalist that he dreamed of the presidency for decades. He seeks to protect himself in the illegitimate Constitution, so he may return to the post of defense minister if he fails in the presidential election.

General Al-Sisi claimed to feel strong compassion for all Egyptians "the apple of his eyes", and that his "hand would be cut off before they reach out to harm any Egyptian", then he killed and burnt thousands, throwing the bodies of some in the garbage. He wounded and arrested tens of thousands, in order to provoke fear in the hearts of all opponents, so he can reach for the seat of power without competition or objection.

General Al-Sisi is responsible for undermining and sabotaging all the objectives of the January 25 Revolution. He failed to provide the minimum requirements for living (bread). Instead, he brought the country down to an unprecedented levels of impoverishment. He announced he would eliminate subsidies and support for the poor. He violated rights and freedoms, shuttered newspapers and satellite TV channels, and filled the jails with innocent honorable men, women and girls. As for human dignity, there is no place for that in the junta’s State of military repression and brutal oppression; even their own supporters are denied dignity, only humiliating subservience.

This murderer is responsible for tearing Egypt’s social fabric and forcing the army to side with one political group against another, though he said "it is not of national loyalty or patriotism for the army to support one party against another… the army’s intervention in favor of one party against another leads to the ruinous Syrian scenario. Deployment of the army in the street will stall Egypt’s progress for 40 years ".

After all he did, can he be trusted to be loyal to the Egyptian people or this homeland? Or is he leading the country to ruin and destruction? Certainly, a man seen by Israel as Zionists’ national hero cannot lead Egypt to pride, power, progress or freedom.

The main reason for general Al-Sisi’s relentless pursuit of power is his desire to try and totally undermine a well-established reality: that in Egypt there is a legitimate elected civilian President. Furthermore, the putschists feel that their already small base of deluded supporters is being eroded, and they fear that indeed it is on its way to complete extinction.

They also believe that the general’s hijacking of the ‘chair’ will impact the morale of the raging people and the ongoing continuous revolt.

The heinous putschists must know, though, that the people will not accept to be ruled over by a treasonous serial killer or controlled by a group of treacherous putschists, and will remain steadfast on the path of their peaceful Revolution, until they defeat the coup and uproot the putschists completely, whatever the sacrifices.

"They say: ‘When will that be?’ Say: ‘Sooner than you think’!" (Quran 17:51)

God is Great.

Praise be to God.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: January 28, 2014