Muslim Brotherhood: Tump’s Decision Worthless, Instigates More Conflicts and Hostilities

Muslim Brotherhood: Tump’s Decision Worthless, Instigates More Conflicts and Hostilities

In light of the sharp political twists by the new US administration, the US President announced today [Wednesday] his country’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity, in spite of all international resolutions and objections across the world against such reckless step. 

This gamble will not change the facts of history and geography, which confirm that Jerusalem is an occupied land. The United Nations resolutions do not allow the occupier to change its character, as well as being the capital of a single Palestinian state on the whole land of Palestine. Thus, the US president instigates wars, conflicts, and hostilities that humanity does not need.

Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood declares its total rejection and condemnation of this decision, which it is deemed null and void.

Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its firm position on the Palestinian issue, which is a central cause for the Arabs and Muslims. Palestine is the land that God had blessed and honored by the Night Journey of His Messenger, Peace Be Upon Him, and eternalized its mention in the Quran. Palestine includes the holiest shrines of Islam after the two Holy Mosques, as well as several Christian holy sites.

The right of the Arab and Islamic nation in Al Quds Al Shareef, Jerusalem, is a perpetual right in history and present, and will never be changed by such unjust decisions, regardless of their source.

Our message to the Kings, Presidents and Emirs of the Arab and Muslim countries:

During these difficult times for the Muslim Ummah, where dangers and threats loom at its doors,
and the enemies lurks and ambush; convening an immediate emergency summit is more than inevitable and necessary. We need a summit with complete will and effective decision; a summit that unifies all efforts, wills, and decisions to support the Palestinian cause, and through which necessary decisions are taken to support the steadfastness and struggle of the Palestinian people so as to recover all legitimate rights.

Muslim Brotherhood also calls on the Palestinian Authority to sever all forms of communication and security coordination with the Israeli occupation authorities, file a complaint with the Security Council against the United States for violating international law and Council resolutions regarding Jerusalem, and activate war crime complaints against the occupation before the International Criminal Court.

Muslim Brotherhood also appeals to all Muslim and Christian religious bodies, political parties, and free movements worldwide to declare their rejection of this resolution and to protest by all available means to put pressure on the US administration, so as to revoke this unjust political crime.

The group urges Muslims in various parts of the World to rise up in peaceful popular protests to express their support of the freedom fighters in Palestine in their rejection of this move and to make Friday and the following days for activities and advocacies in support of the Palestinian cause, and to express firmly the rejection of all evils commited against Palestine, and the determination to fully restore Palestinian people rights.

Muslim Brotherhood 

Wednesday, 17 Rabi’ I, 1439 Hejri

December 6, 2017