Muslim Brotherhood: Ukraine Crisis Exposes Western Powers Double Standards

Muslim Brotherhood: Ukraine Crisis Exposes Western Powers Double Standards

 There is now a popular revolution against the government in Ukraine. Regardless of the reasons for the anger and the ongoing revolution, we hoped the crisis would be resolved by peaceful democratic means that respected the will of the people. That is our consistent position on all disputes in any country in the world.

However, the Ukraine revolt raged on and thousands of people rallied in protest camps in Independence Square. Then, unfortunate violent clashes erupted, claiming the lives of seventeen citizens and nine policemen, as authorities tried to disperse the sit-in. Needless to say, the violence is reprehensible, for use of deadly excessive force is contrary to the principles of human rights.

Here, Western politicians and human rights organizations, even the United Nations, sprang into action, with the White House in Washington warning the Ukraine army not to get involved in the conflict that must be resolved among civilians, threatening to impose sanctions on the Ukrainian government. The European Union, too, threatened sanctions, with the NATO commander announcing that the army must not be used against the people, and the United Nations demanding that a fact-finding committee must be dispatched to investigate the situation.

Although these actions and utterances are the dictates of human conscience and the principles of human rights, they make us compare the West’s positions on this crisis and the disastrous events unfolding in Egypt, where murderous military generals executed a bloody traitorous coup against democratic and constitutional legitimacy, trampled popular will and democratic elections, suspended the Constitution, dissolve parliament, abducted the elected civilian President and held him hostage, then waged a loathsome war on all opponents of the coup, which led to unspeakable massacres that claimed the lives of thousands of citizens in all public squares, streets and mosques. Coup security forces shed the blood of peaceful protesters, burnt corpses of a large number of citizens, some still alive, and buried them in mass graves. Then, 37 civilians were killed in cold blood in a police van, and thousands more suffer unjustifiable atrocities in detention.

Seventeen thousand Egyptian citizens were injured by coup forces, and more than twenty-one thousand of the most honorable politicians, academics, professionals and trade union leaders were arbitrarily arrested, detained and tortured in a deliberate and systematic manner in police stations, prisons and detention centers. Victims include a large number of women, girls and children. Junta judiciary have already handed down harsh and unjust verdicts against a number of them.

Moreover, hundreds of the best and most talented university students were expelled.

While the criminal brutality in Ukraine is certainly reprehensible, it is nothing compared with the coup regime’s repressive crimes in Egypt. However, we never see any Western politicians do anything but pay only feeble lip service condemning those crimes, while practically affirming partnership with the illegitimate coup regime, providing it with all support to enable it to survive the crisis and get stronger, which encourages the coup commanders to continue their atrocious crimes against the people, against humanity.

Western politicians then turn around wondering: "Why do you hate us?"

Your positions not only encourage the murderous repressive coup regime, they amount to full participation and complicity in crimes and hostilities against the Egyptian people. Will you rectify your mistakes?

We trust in God, and we believe in the ability of our patriotic people to liberate popular will and Egypt’s decision-making.

"You will certainly come to know the truth thereof, in time" (Quran 38:88).

Praise be to God.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: February 20, 2014