Muslim Brotherhood: Unjust Death Sentences Continue Under Military Junta Regime in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood: Unjust Death Sentences Continue Under Military Junta Regime in Egypt

 The sanctity of the month of the Quran did not deter them. The fear of God’s wrath did not awaken their conscience. They continue to issue unjust and excessively politicized verdicts against the innocent on the basis of fabricated and erroneous evidence.

Days ago, a final verdict for the execution of six innocent people was upheld. Before that, more innocent Egyptians were sentenced to death. On Saturday, 31 innocent people, Egypt’s finest young men, were sentenced to death for murdering the Public Prosecutor, amid the silence of the world with all its legal and human rights organizations, incredible tolerance from governments that preach human rights day and night, and dubious disappearance of so-called patriotism and freedom activists.

Immediately after the assassination, the Interior Ministry killed many innocent people and announced they were the killers of the Public Prosecutor. Then, officials speaking in the name of the Interior Ministry in the Egyptian media, openly declared they had failed to find the real killer.

We therefore were shocked and surprised to see sixty-seven young people with the judiciary trying them for two years already, while the judge ignores their statements about many of them being subjected to severe torture for 20 hours at a time to extract false confession under duress. Indeed, the judge issued his unjust verdict and sentences, which the world heard on Saturday.

What contempt for innocent lives! What disregard for the minds of the Egyptian people and public opinion!

Spilling innocent blood in this barbaric form is no less treacherous than the sale of islands, land or sovereignty.

The judges have sold themselves cheap to the coup leader. They wasted justice and trampled on fairness. They will inevitably be dealt a well-deserved punishment by God the mighty Avenger, one day, very soon.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Sunday – June 18, 2017