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  • June 10, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood: Unjustly Incarcerated President Morsi’s Life in Danger

Muslim Brotherhood: Unjustly Incarcerated President Morsi’s Life in Danger
The Muslim Brotherhood has received, with great concern and alarm, information about the deterioration of President Mohamed Morsi’s health, as witnessed by his son Abdullah Morsi while attending the sham trial session of the legitimate President of Egypt.

President Morsi’s deteriorating health condition, with him suffering recurrent fainting and a diabetic coma without prison authorities offering appropriate medical care is a premeditated murder attempt by the traitorous coup junta.

The coup court’s refusal to allow the President to speak at the last hearing amounts to complicity in that crime.

The Muslim Brotherhood urgently calls on the Egyptian people, the United Nations and all organizations, institutions and individuals concerned with human rights across the globe to act swiftly to save President Morsi’s life and the lives of all those who are systematically killed in prison. The group holds the military junta fully responsible for the lives of all political prisoners.

God save President Mohamed Morsi and all the detainees. May they enjoy full health and wellness. May God reward them generously for their patriotism and steadfastness in the fulfillment of their religion and the defense of their homeland.

Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday – June 8, 2017