Muslim Brotherhood: Zionist Massacres in Gaza Will Not Weaken Palestinians’ Resolve

Muslim Brotherhood: Zionist Massacres in Gaza Will Not Weaken Palestinians’ Resolve

Muslim Brotherhood Statement – Gaza will not kneel or cower

A new bloody massacre is added to the Zionists’ bloody record as they launch a barbaric military attack on Gaza’s Shujayya neighborhood killing dozens of civilians and wounding hundreds, mostly women, children and elderly people. Thus far, inhuman Zionist crimes on Gaza have claimed the lives of hundreds of unarmed civilians and injured thousands more, amid shameful silence and treacherous conspiracy from the Arab world and the international community at large.

This criminal Zionist aggression is being instigated by Arab governments that coordinate and participate in the blockade illegally imposed on the Gaza Strip. Those same governments prevent any medical aid or food supplies from entering Gaza in this difficult time. They even launch false information campaigns to demonize the most honorable phenomenon the world has ever known – the brave resistance in occupied Palestine. But the worst these governments and their Zionist friends can do will not extinguish the flame of the resistance until Palestine, all of Palestine, is completely liberated.

The heroes of the resistance, who fought back Zionist forces and caused them heavy casualties in every confrontation, are perfectly capable (God willing) of responding to this brutal attack, and forcing Zionists to withdraw. A nation will not kneel when Mohamed (peace be upon him) is the people’s true leader. The resistance will not give up when its men seek martyrdom more than Zionists seek life.

We call on all Arab and Muslim peoples and all free nations of the world to rise up against these atrocities, to stop inhuman Zionist aggressions, lift the siege on Gaza and support the Palestinian people’s resistance.

Indeed… "God has full control of all affairs, but most people do not know."  The unjust oppressors will soon see what destiny they will ultimately meet.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Monday – July 21, 2014