Muslim Brotherhood: Not Represented in Washington Workshop

Muslim Brotherhood: Not Represented in Washington Workshop

Media reports announcing the outcome of the ‘dialogue’ workshop held recently in Washington, attended by some political activists, also claimed representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood were present. This is not true. The group had no knowledge of anyone representing it in that workshop.

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms it continues to reach out to all political icons, and groups at home and abroad, as it has already offered all a set of principles to rally around. Discussions followed, and as a result, some of those political symbols and groups announced their approval. The group is still waiting for the opinions of others.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates that any views, opinion, stances or attitudes attributed to it must be so expressed through its own institutions and spokespersons. Furthermore, it is of paramount importance that the media recognizes that unless its institutions and spokespersons announce members represent it at such discussions or workshops, any such presence is a personal matter.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Thursday – September 15, 2016